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Rooted in the Earth.

We offer a collection of handmade, heritage-quality furniture and accessories that are
rooted in the earth and designed to bring people together.

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The Sierra Glen Table I

The first custom-made 10-12 seat table from live edge wood slabs with a heritage story, made from fallen trees at Sierra Glen Ranch.  

Photographer Michael Friberg | @michaelfriberg

The Sierra Glen Table II

The second custom-made 10-12 seat table from live edge wood slabs with a heritage story, made from fallen trees at Sierra Glen Ranch.

Photographer Emily Schultz



La Barba | Draper

For the Draper location of a coffee house on a mission to bring good coffee to everyone in Utah, we created two long communal tables, as well as a few smaller bistro tables, out of salvaged pine and Douglas fir from the historic building that previously stood on this land. We welded a modern leg to add some edge to the classic look of the tabletops. Sanding through the years of history on this wood was a really rewarding part of this project.

Designer Joe Evans | @curmudgeonly_joe
Photographer Steven Vargo | @mr.vargo

Seabird | Draper

For Seabird (Draper)—a unique craft cocktails, beer and vinyls space—we created communal tables, bistro tables, the bar, a full Hi-fi buildout, and unique bench seating area with a coffee table that includes storage. We used a material called Paperstone for the tables and bistro tables, as well as the bar. This material is a great addition to the bar and is really forgiving. Also, since this is a vinyl bar, we refinished the speakers with new veneer—this helped to update the overall look and keep them cohesive with the rest of the bar, while still maintaining great sound.

Designer Asher Seevinck | @seafinch
Photographer Steven Vargo | @mr.vargo


Seabird Draper, Custom Woodwork, Custom Art Installation, Salted Grain, Woodworking, A Modern Woodshop, Custom Furniture, Salt Lake City

Seabird | Gateway

At the second location of Seabird in Gateway, we created shelving, a full bar, one large communal table, and a wooden wall art installation. Again here we worked with Paperstone to keep both spaces cohesive. We built a 20’ bar with a waterfall edge as well as a 10’ communal table. We also did a large slat wall installation that adds a great architectural feel to the space.  

Architect Jared Wright | @saltcityarchitect
Designer Asher Seevinck | @seafinch
Photographer Steven Vargo | @mr.vargo

Creek Tea + Books | Salt Lake City

For Creek Tea—a unique space in SLC exploring the art and ritual of tea—we created a large 30-foot installation of Shou Sugi Ban treated wood. Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire. Learning this process was incredibly rewarding—the character that the wood ends up with is so unique. We also created three beautiful white display tables with distinctive welded legs.

Photographer Brent Courtney | @brent_courtney

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